Friday, March 25, 2011

My Cousin, My Friend

I wrote a post some time ago called Cousins by Blood, Friends by Choice. It was somewhat of a stretch at that time to call Braden and his cousin friends. I admit now that I only broached the topic in order to post a video of them that I liked. Jackson, Braden's cousin, for the longest time didn't care for Braden. It's not hard to understand why. He was the only grandchild on Arica's side of the family for two years. He got all his Grandma's attention, and like any kid, he was not too excited about the idea of sharing her.

Fast forward to today and the two boys are actually pretty good friends. Sometimes they fight, but that's normal. I have seen Braden drag Jackson across the floor by his neck so I know there is still some reason for caution, but the relationship has become much more amicable nonetheless.

This newly successful union brings about a new question. With our twins on the way, how will Braden respond? How will he like sharing his Mom and Dad with these new babies? And two at once no less.

Jackson's family is expecting another baby too. They are having a little boy, and the due date in only two weeks ahead of Arica's. So Jackson will have to learn to share his Mom and Dad as well.

And both of them will have to learn to share Grandma and Grandpa with THREE MORE KIDS!

That's another topic for another time. For now let's put all that aside and just appreciate the budding friendship that these two cousins are enjoying. Last month they spent a couple Saturday's together after Jackson's soccer games. Braden LOVES Jackson and would spend every day with him if he could. But Jackson initiated these gatherings, which is proof that he might just love Braden too.

So here's to the two little guys that have helped each other learn how to share loved ones, a skill they are both going to desperately need.


Eric said...

The kids have a handful of cousins. They don't get to see them as much as they would like. They've barely seen the ones from my side since my siblings are weird and don't talk to me. They have three from my wife's side. They love their cousins and they understand the cousin relationship.

In regards to Braden and the girls? he could be the big brother protector you hope he is. He probably will get jealous at times. He'll probably be rough with them, not to hurt them (all the time), but to just to play. They'll get used to it eventually.

Brandy@YDK said...

it's awesome that they have each other. and that braden is old enough to learn how to play. I think it's hard when they are little.

PJ Mullen said...

My brother and his family live close. My nephew is 15 month 15 months younger than my son, so it is cool that they will be close in age. And I speak from experience when I say sharing Grammie was the toughest adjustment for my son. He did not like it one bit when she held our daughter. He'd tell her to put the baby in the swing.

BellaDaddy said...

Beautiful and touching...WOW!

SurprisedMom said...

I just love the fact the cousins are becoming friends! On my mom's there were 14 cousins, 10 of them girls! Cousins can be the best of friends. We still get together at our ripe old ages for a cousins' night out to keep in touch. Sure, we had our growing pains as well, but, it's a pretty great thing when family members are also friends.

Love the photos! :)

WeaselMomma said...

A. This is so sweet.

B. I'm glad that they have each other because they will need each other.

3. You and Arica will be able to help Braden transition. You are good parents. Don't sweat it and keep Braden involved as a big boy helper with the babies.

D. I have the utmost confidence in you guys.