Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Weekend Gone

With Monday now beating me directly in the head I will try to fondly remember the weekend via this post. We had a good weekend with some negative influence. The best happening of the weekend was Braden rolling over for the first time. I was watching him while Arica was at the movies. He spent a lot of the night on his pallet in the floor playing and watching TV. His favorite activity is laying on the floor and playing. He holds his toys and tries to eat them of course. He rolls on his side trying to roll over. He likes to kick his legs and wave his arms. He laughs at the TV and whichever parent happens to be down there with him at the time. Friday he was doing all those things and laying on his side a lot. Finally he just went on over. It didn't scare him but he eventually got upset because he didn't want to be on his stomach. Arica called to see how he was doing and I shared the news. She was very excited. Later when she came home I went to the door to meet her. She was asking about Braden rolling over as she came in the room. Then we turned around and he had done it again. There he was laying on his stomach. Of course we are excited because every little development is exciting when you have a newborn. Now we will watch as he continues to practice his new skill and wait for the mobilization of Braden.

The bad part of the weekend started Saturday morning. I spent the entire day helping Arica's cousin move into a new house. As Jerry Seinfeld once told us, moving is a big step in a male relationship. You don't help just anyone move, but this was family so I think it is acceptable. For your viewing pleasure I have included Jerry's thoughts about moving in the clip below. It starts after he and Elaine finish the kiss discussion.

After the moving fun I spent Sunday losing money at the track. I figured the horses were hungry so I donated my money to feed them some nice oats and hay. I was afraid if I didn't make my donation they might get stuck eating beefarino like Rusty.

Even with the dual negative forces of moving and losing money it was a good weekend. Any day with Arica and Braden is a good one. I guess that makes me a lucky man because I get to spend every day with them.


Daddy Files said...

Loved the Seinfeld clip. So true.

I wish I still had money to lose at the track. Although I do dogs instead of horses. I have the worst luck though. One of the dogs I bet on about 10 years ago, actually died during the race. I repeat, I bet on a dog who died mid-race.

New-Dad-Blog said...

Were you compensated for the moving in beer and food? No matter the relationship if one man helps another move, beer and food must be offered!

Otter Thomas said...

Daddy Files: The dogs are just too random for me. I have always had bad luck with them but never quite to the degree of death.

New Dad: I was compensated with food and beer. The guy also put in hard wood floors and tile in our house for a minimal fee. I owed him.

WeaselMomma said...

Don't blink your eyes. By the end of the week he will be an expert in both directions. It will seem like next week when he's running around the yard. The following week will be prom.

Craig said...

You can never go wrong with a Sienfeld Clip. Once your little one gets mobile you life will change, again.

Super Mega Dad said...

Too funny! I think I was talking with a coworker the other day about how excited we got when our kids started to roll around and now that they are older and MUCH more mobile, we wish they would go back to being non-mobile and less destructive. :)