Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dad Does Random Jobs

As a Dad you wear many hats. You have to be a teacher, mentor, cook, baby sitter, and chauffeur. These are just some of the normal jobs that you can expect. Recently I had to go MacGuyver and fashion a band-aid small enough for Braden's finger from a regular adult band-aid. A snip here and a snip there and we were done. That got me thinking what other random jobs might be a part of my life with Braden. With creative children's doctor topping the list, here are the others I came up with.

  1. Creative children's Doctor

  2. Dog Wrangler - Keeping Braden safe from charges or pack aggressiveness

  3. Movie Screener - Finding out what is acceptable and what is not

  4. Toy tester - My excuse for playing with Braden's toys

  5. Philosopher - Philosophizing about all life's questions

  6. Referee - I can already see the need to officiate fights with Braden and his cousin.

  7. Taste Tester - Is this too hot, too cold, too salty?

  8. Fashion Consultant - on second thought that is a mommy skill (and wife)

  9. Mechanical Assembly - My Dad always claimed it was tough putting together the Millennium Falcon and other Star Wars toys now it is my turn.

  10. Repair Technician - Fixing the toys I put together poorly (think duct tape and super glue)

  11. Inspector - Did you brush your teeth? Is your room clean?

  12. Scout - Like the movie reviewer of life I must scout locations and events.

  13. Pack Mule - I am already living this dream. It takes about 40 bags to go anywhere with a baby.

  14. Guinea Pig - I see a life full of being Braden's test subject.

  15. Step Ladder - I can be used to see from the height of about 6 feet which is much higher than Braden's vantage point.
  16. Engine - car engine, wagon engine, etc. etc.

  17. Stand up Comic - Laughter is the best medicine

  18. Life Guard - "No Running!" That is all I ever heard at the local pool as a kid.

  19. Braden Wrangler - to protect the dogs from charges or aggressiveness

  20. Relief Pitcher - When I come home from work Arica usually needs some help from the bullpen.


Russ said...

The millennium falcon wasn't that bad! It's not like a bicycle or something.

WeaselMomma said...

Don't forget Mentor, Hero and Science Fair ringer.