Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Teaching Your Son How to Smell

I never wear cologne. I never have other than a few times in high school. I know this is probably frowned upon by society, but that is just the way I am. I was able to land a wife using only my normal musk, so I feel like it has not hampered me to this point. When I say normal musk it should be noted that is a showered musk accented with deodorant not a smelly, sweaty musk. I am not the stinky kid.

Since it is well known that everything we do can and will influence our kids, I have to wonder how this practice will affect Braden. Will he think not wearing cologne is the best way to go? Will he be ostracized from the normal cologne wearing society for this decision? The last thing I want to do is lead Braden astray.

Good can come from aversion to cologne as well. No one likes the guy who bathes in his cologne especially if that cologne is high karate or even worse sex panther. I could be saving Braden from a scene like the one that takes place in Anchorman.

On the other hand Sam Malone often wore too much cologne and it never hurt him with the ladies. I have no idea what is the correct answer to this conundrum. I am pretty sure that my natural shower scent way of life is not the norm. I guess the real solution is for me to find something more important to worry about.


CaJoh said...

My mother and I have the same type of skin chemistry so that a lot of perfumes and colognes smell like alcohol on us. I never got much into the stuff as well and don't think that it is all that important.

Loved that scene from Anchorman especially when they had to hose him off in the parking lot.

WeaselMomma said...

For now you just have to make sure that Braden doesn't smell like poo.

Jonathan said...

Hey it's your brother. For obvious reasons, we've never discussed this topic, but I don't use cologne either. Mine is due to being fiscally conservative and fond of the soap scent or possibly laziness.

Anchorman is the best. Another good clip is from "Big Daddy" when Sandler's kid is the stinky kid in class.

Russ said...

You know it's odd, both my folks wore/wear cologne. Neither my sister nor I wear cologne. They never over did it, but I just never cared to have "a scent". I still got a good chick for a wife, so I did ok.

cIII said...

Nice to meet you Otter Thomas.

I can recall wearing Stetson or Drakar Noir in high school. What a Dick I was. Maybe still am. But at least I'm a dick with Natural pheromones.

Soap smells good. That's why it's soap.

phredude said...

Otter, if there's one thing in life I've learned, it's this-never base a life decision on what you've seen on TV, it will only bring you grief and disappointment. Stick with what nature gave you, it's cheaper and organic, which is hip and trendy in this day and age.

Rob said...

I wear cologne sometimes. I love the clip from Anchorman, my wife got me a sex panther t shirt it is pretty funny.

LiteralDan said...

I never used to wear cologne, but I wasn't ever particularly against it (though definitely against Sex Panther-type stuff, and overuse of any kind).

My wife found this really good smelling stuff that I wear occasionally, but it's certainly not something I'd feel naked leaving the house without. Soap smells fine to me!

Steely Dad said...

One of the BEST cinematic scenes of all time! I LOVE that movie!