Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Big Spring Contest

I assume that most of my readers are familiar with Dad Blogs and their Big Spring Contest. They have paired with Kid's Creations to offer an amazing wooden playset and a digital camera. I should say that the playset is more like a combination children's house, jungle gym, and swing set. This can be considered my entry in hopes of winning the prize.

I can think of many reasons that the playset would be great. It requires some assembly so that could give me an opportunity to practice some four letter words. There is also the possibility that I could live in the playset if need be. Seriously all you need is a couple sheets of plywood to close in the walls, and you have a nice wooden studio apartment. Another possibility is the use of said playset for army style training for Braden. The rock climbing wall and net could be put to good use in preparation for peewee football. For that matter, as more and more years separate me from my glory days, I could use this thing to shape up as well.

In all seriousness this Three Ring Adventure would be a great addition to any family. I remember as a kid having a regular swing set. Apparently my Dad was deathly ill when he assembled it in freezing temperatures overnight one Christmas Eve. I would love to offer the same thing to Braden. I would prefer not to assemble the playset in the freezing darkness of Christmas Eve, but I would if necessary. A playset like this can really open up a child's imagination. The little tree house like area could be a venue where all sorts of dreams take place. All the different options allow for endless games and fun. Just looking at the picture I envision Private Pyle trying to climb obstacles on "Full Metal Jacket". I can also see any number of Clint Eastwood westerns as I look at the redwood cabin. Just imagine what a young fresh mind could dream up. My son Braden is not nearly old enough for something like this, but I still consider myself a viable candidate. I read on the Kid's Creation's website that one of their playsets survived Hurricane Ike. Based on that I think it will last until Braden is older. After all I could keep it warm until he is ready.


Joeprah said...

For the simple fact that you mentioned Private Pyle I am now rooting for you to win. :D Seriously, best of luck and I would love to see an precontest dad member win--just feels right.

cIII said...

You're gonna need some Photovoltaic Panels to feed the Beer fridge out there.

Go Green and all that.