Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blogging Takes a Back Seat

I am certain that there comes a time in every up and coming blogger's life that time is just not time available to put thoughts to virtual paper. That time has been the last couple of days for me. Actually I haven't even had much time to consider what might be interesting topics for blog posting. There are work, fatherhood, husband duties, and other life obstacles that can take up your time. After all blogging for most of us is a fun thing and not a necessity like sleeping, eating, paying taxes and so forth.

This week at work has been hectic. We are currently designing a power plant project for Scotland. We are nearing the time to start fabrication so there is much to do. I am looking over drawings, meeting with fabricators, and answering questions. Also my boss has chosen this time to have a partial knee replacement surgery. His absence has led to me doing a lot of his project management duties for the past week. All of this has kept my plate full.

I will however carry on posting here come hell or high water. I enjoy it too much to let things get in the way. Hopefully this afternoon will go swimmingly and I can be back at my finest for tomorrow. In the mean time I thought I would post a couple more pictures of Braden. That face can make me smile no matter how the rest of the day is going.


Melisa with one S said...

He is such a cutie!!!

Super Mega Dad said...

Hey, Otter, I SO hear ya. I gave up on blogging for about a year and just recently came back to it. Sometimes other stuff just gets in the way.

Since getting back, I've really enjoyed getting back into the swing of things and "meeting" a lot of other people. It's been a real blast!

For me, it's mostly just seeing that other people have a lot of the same problems I have. In your case, I see myself when I first became a dad.

Working from home a lot keeps me from real adult conversation, so this is my way to interact with others older then 6.

Keep up the good work!

Craig said...

I'm with you on hecticness (real word?). I found doing a little writing shifts gears in the brain and keeps me fresh for my job.