Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Boppy - Rock in Comfort Travel Swing

There is one piece of baby equipment in my house that has quite possibly saved my life, my marriage, and what's left of my sanity. This item is known to baby gear shoppers as a Boppy - Rock in Comfort Travel Swing. To me it is known as Braden's bed.

Braden refuses to sleep in anything that is not moving. He will sleep in your arms if you are rocking or bouncing him. He will sleep in the car while you are driving. And he will sleep in his swing. You can't sleep yourself if you are rocking him or driving a car so the swing is the best option. There are large very expensive swings out there and I am sure they are great. They swing side to side as well as front to back. We don't have one of those. We have this little travel swing instead. Braden sleeps in it every night. The travel version is great because we can take his bed with us wherever we go. I challenge you to try and take your baby's crib with you on a trip. We don't go a lot but it is comforting to know that we have something Braden will sleep in that fits in our car other than his car seat.

I would like to thank the people at Boppy for creating this travel friendly life saving device. At this point in my life I would rearrange the basic needs to include food, clothing, shelter, and travel swing.

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Jack said...

Stumbled across this looking for tax information, wasn't sure if a November baby would qualify for the tax credit, I was delighted at your blog on that.

Our Son was born on Nov. 19th and I swear I could have written half these entries. This one though I had to comment on. We have this swing as well, and I couldn't agree more, it's a gift from the heavens.

It allows us to occasionally experience something we used to take for granted...warm meals!