Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend with Dad

Saturday was the wife's last day of work. From now on she will be a full time mom. That is much more difficult than any job but it is also much more rewarding. We are all excited about her being home.

After leaving work at lunch she and a few friends had a girl's day. They went to lunch, to a movie, and shopping. That left poor little Braden with daddy all day long. It was the longest time we had ever spent together alone. I think we bonded.

Earlier in the week Braden had become really fussy. He would cry and cry sometimes and there was nothing I could do about it. My only recourse was to hand him over to mom. She encouraged me to be patient and he would get comfortable with me. Of course mom is always right. Braden has pretty well taken to me and doesn't get too upset any more. He slept a lot on Saturday but we mixed in some play time too. I tried to learn all the songs that his singing puppy knows. I fell short on memorizing but I think Braden enjoyed watching me try. I read him Dr. Seuss's "The Cat in the Hat" for the first time. He laughed and talked along the whole time. That Dr. Seuss was a genius. I think we can all agree on that. It was a great Saturday and hopefully only the beginning of all the fun us boys can have.

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Burgh Baby said...

We can DEFINITELY all agree that Dr. Suess is a genius.

Hope the transition to stay-at-home goes smoothly for mom!