Thursday, January 22, 2009

You Gotta See the Baby

If anyone out there is crazy enough to read this blog more than once you will probably notice that I am a huge Seinfeld fan. We will cover that topic another time, but today I want to use a certain Seinfeld moment to illustrate something about having a new baby. Basically some of Jerry's friends want him to come see their baby. Rather than try to explain it you can watch this clip. It starts bad but clears up after 5 seconds.

In another episode Jerry wonders if these people are having kids just to get people to come see them. If that was the case I promise you it would work. One of the hardest things about the first few weeks as a new dad is the visitors. Here you and your wife are trying to adjust to this new crying, pooping person in your house and all the while you are hosting a house party. We had so many people in our room right after the birth that I lost count. It was all a blur at that point but it did not stop. The next day our hospital room actually got so full that you could not fit another person inside. People started leaving because they were too crowded and uncomfortable. It was crazy.

When we got home the drill went on for nearly two weeks. My wife and I had absolutely zero time to ourselves. We had to postpone starting our life as a family in order to host a baby viewing gala every night. I know the Seinfeld clip takes place in TV land but why in the world would anyone want to insist on people coming to see the baby. I promise they will come anyway. A heavily fortified house surrounded by the national guard, ravenous pit bulls, and land mines could not keep people away from a new baby. I have found so many true comparisons to real life on Seinfeld but this one misses the mark for me. I would never be calling people and saying "You Gotta See the Baby!"

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Man, our kid isn't even here yet and we're already booking people to come in. Her mom is staying two weeks after the birth, my mom 3 weeks, friends from St. Louis, local friends and family. . . I guess it never ends.

Speaking of Seinfeld, I am so afraid of me and wife thinking our baby is soooo cute and everyone else having to turn away in disgust!