Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Secret Identity Revealed

I have not written much about my son in this new dad blog. I have written about all types of things as they relate to my son or to me as a dad. I thought that it was difficult to write about him because he was too young and not yet able to walk, talk, or even crawl. As I thought about things to tell about life with my son I realized that the reason it was so difficult is because I am trying to do it in secrecy. The writing is so impersonal when you try to do it this way. Now I have decided to reveal my son's name and pictures. From now on he will be referred to in everything I write and this blog will be much more about life as a new dad to a wonderful little boy named Braden.

I have a million pictures and I will share a lot of them over time. I hope you enjoy these for starters. The one in the tigger robe and the one with the cow outfit were taken this week. The one with a sock on his hand was the first week after he came home from the hospital. The others are somewhere in between.

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