Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Love the DVR

I have to admit that I spend way too much time watching TV. Most of that is due to the wonderful device that we all know and love....The DVR. Years ago I only watched sports or sitcoms. I don't even know how television drama's survived. In order to follow one you had to schedule TV nights in which you could not be interrupted for anything. I was never at home enough to follow a weekly show. There is nothing worse than watching a few episodes and then missing an important one because you are out with friends or even worse you are fulfilling some work obligation. After that you are lost for the rest of the season. That all changed for me when I purchased a TIVO about 5 years ago. The TIVO was the single most life changing invention in my life, next to the Internet of course. I have said many times I would give up air conditioning before I would my DVR.

Now it is January and the new seasons of a lot of winter shows are starting up. My favorite show on TV, Lost, is set to return later this month. Also returning are are favorites 24, Friday Night Lights and the continuation of House. It is hard enough to find time to fit that many TV shows into normal life but with a new baby I am sure it will be next to impossible. So today I want to thank the wonderful people at TIVO for getting this digital video recording age started. Even though I have switched to a regular DVR that my cable company provides I will always love TIVO.

As new parents my wife and I can't watch a 30 minute episode of TV without having to get up and change a diaper, make a bottle, or deal with other baby emergencies. There is no way we could deal with the crazy 2 and 3 hour season premieres of 24 and Lost. In a world with DVR's we can pause the TV for every little interruption and turn the episode into a marathon event or we can wait until the little one takes a nap and dive in head first. I am against it but the episodes can be saved for another day in an emergency. Of course the alternative to this would be racing around during commercials trying to satisfy a screaming baby. And let me tell you the baby has no regard for what you are doing. He will interrupt dinner, shower, reading, TV, chores or even adult activities. As a new parent be sure to say thanks for the DVR and enjoy the new television season.


Rob Barron said...

Here's a post on my take on TV - Children's Television Workshop - Babysitter, Teacher, Secret Lover...

But yeah, the DVR is a God-send... couldn't live w/o it.

Keep up the blogging... it's great to see a new dad pounding the keys. Sometimes it's hard to keep the Work/Life/Blog in balance, but I think it will be worth it in the long run; particularly when you don't have to speak to relatives about the wee one. You can just say, "Read the blog!"

ALSO, thank you for recognizing the Arlo reference... I have quite a few regular readers and you & I are the only ones with pop culture knowledge AND a sense of humor!

Hilary said...

I hear you. That's how I felt about my VCR back when my kids were little.. and my microwave. Thanks for your visit to my blog. :)

Jill said...

We had a TiVo from 2000 until 2008. Loved it. It was a series 1. But with the digital upgrade, it was useless. Plus we decided to get satellite. However, we still have a DVR. I can't watch TV without it anymore. And it has ruined my children. They wonder why their shows aren't magically on every other TV we ever run into. Maybe someday they'll have that technology and feel the same way we do about the DVR now. :)