Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Another Monday and I am back at work. I have never received a day off for Marting Luther King day in my life but that is another story. We had a pretty busy weekend and some how I find myself with nothing to write. Braden was around another baby for the first time this weekend. Some of my wife's cousins came to visit over the weekend. The cousins' grandson made the trip too. He is 2 weeks older than Braden but much further behind in development. He is still at the lay there and do nothing stage. He offers no cooing, laughing, or alertness. Braden has been cooing and laughing for weeks now.

While we are on the subject I would like to say that cooing is a bad term for the noise that babies make. I think pigeons coo not people and I don't want my child being described in the same way as those filthy rats with wings. But alas I am just one man and I could never change baby culture so cooing it will be.

My proudest moment of the weekend came when my wife got out of the shower Sunday morning. She looked over to the dining room table. There I sat with Braden on my lap. Both of us were intently looking over the racing form trying to pick winners for my day at the horse races. I think I should get father of the year for that. The wife just shook her head. It turns out on that day it would have been better if I just let Braden pick the horses himself.

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