Friday, January 23, 2009

Free Entertainment

My wife and I went out to a restaurant Wednesday night to get some specialty tacos. She likes the carne asada tacos with fried onions and the spicy sauce. I like all the tacos (chicken, carne asada, brisket, and fish). This time I went for the fish tacos. It is a funny sounding thing to say but it sure tastes good.

We have taken Braden out to eat with us several times. I have always enjoyed food and my wife and I like to get out of the house and share some time together. This is one of the easiset things for us to do with a new baby at least for now. Before this trip Braden had always slept through our restaurant trips. This time he was awake for the duration. He sat on mom's lap and looked around the restaurant at the lights and the people. When our food came I took him from mom. I held him up against my chest and he looked out over my shoulder at the restaurant scene.

Little did I know that Braden was free entertainment for the restaurant. There was a table with two older ladies across the way. They watched him the whole time we were eating. After eating they came by our table on the way out and told us Braden was so cute and adorable. The waitress was about the same. Every time she came to check on us she had to talk to Braden. All of these people were just amazed that he was so alert at 10 weeks old. I always thought that the food was the number one attraction for people going out to eat but apparently if we are in the restaurant the food takes a back seat to our boy.

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