Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year for a New Dad

The New Year always brings forth a tremendous amount of celebration around the world. People seem to find some comfort in putting behind troubles of the past year and looking forward to a new beginning. One of the "working girls" celebrating with Lt. Dan and Forrest in the movie Forrest Gump says, "Everyone gets to start over." I have never really bought in to all of this excitement. Don't get me wrong I have attended many a New Year celebration but I am typically there just to have fun the same as I would be if someone invited me to a party on any Friday night.

This year I have a reason to look forward to 2009 as sort of a new beginning. My son was born in November so 2009 is the first full year for me as a Father. I will go through many firsts and live what is a completely different life. Looking at it this way is exciting. Now my son gurgles and laughs a bit but by the end of the 2009 he will be talking. Now he is completely immobile. He can't even roll over yet. During the year he will start crawling and by the end of 2009 he will be walking. Now he relies totally on me to play with the toys but by the end of 2009 he will be able to play with his little basketball goal he got for Christmas. These are just some of the major changes that will happen in 2009. I am sure that I cannot even imagine all the things that will happen and that will change.

It is with the enthusiasm of William and Clark as they headed out on their journey that I begin this new year. I will face obstacles like the famous explorers. I may not be in danger of starvation or death but I certainly will face things just as strange to me as all the new sights that journey unveiled for Mr. Lewis and Mr. Clark. With that I say welcome to 2009 and the adventure to come.

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