Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lost Premiere Event, video

Today marks the return of my favorite TV show. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Hurley and all the gang are flying back into our living rooms tonight for the season premiere of Lost. In their honor I am going to take a break from baby talk to share a few thoughts about the show. Last season ended with the Oceanic Six going home. This led to one of my favorite characters on the show....Bearded, pill popping, crazy Jack. He is much more entertaining than in control, take charge, leader Jack. Bearded Jack is running around telling everyone they have to go back to the island with a stoned look on his face. In one of my favorite bearded Jack moments he pulled up to see Jeremy Bentham in the funeral parlor totally rocking out on his jeep stereo. I suppose he will get his act together this season to lead the return to the island.

Lost has more unanswered questions than any show I have ever seen. Each episode has more questions than answers. The fantasy land they have created is rife with mystery and science fiction. The show also does a good job of mixing past, present, and lately future to round out the stories. As you go along you learn more about the characters and their lives. After learning about the characters pasts the show starts to reveal their future creating a large void in time where much of the action now takes place. Each show puts another piece of the puzzle in place. It's a thought provoking journey.

We know that bad things are supposed to happen because the Oceanic 6 left. We know that Claire is not supposed to raise her baby and she even appeared to Kate in a dream telling her not to bring him back to the island. We know that Locke and Ben, the two most in touch with the island, are trying to get everyone to come back. At least Ben is still trying. We also know that Jack's dead father is running around talking to folks and Ben and Widmore have some unfinished business.

I've read that the creators know exactly how the story will end. I cannot even imagine what will happen. There is so much left unanswered about that crazy island, but you can count me in for every episode left of the ride. I am ready to go with crazy Jack back to the island myself even if some of his friends are not.

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